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Track your mental health in real-time


Understand what in your life impacts your mental health


Transform your mind to improve your mental health



Track and measure your mental health in real-time with our proprietary diagnostic technologies.

Our Wellness Monitor is the industry’s first and only clinical grade, realtime tracker of your mental state. It continuously analyzes your heart rate data from your Apple Watch to determine your mental health, if you are calm or anxious, throughout your day.

In calm state, you show clear thinking and inner balance amidst any external pressure.

In anxious state, you experience worry, unease, or nervousness with rapidly shifting random thoughts.

The neutral state is in between your calm and anxious states of mind. It is not necessarily an unproductive or undesired state.




Understand what in your environment affects your mental health. Learn what makes you calm and what makes you anxious, and to what degree.

The AQ™ Insight Engine generates valuable and timely observations related to your mental health by analyzing your data, much like how an expert doctor interprets your medical test results. You will soon learn how specific changes in your environment impact your mental health.


Transform your mind for better mental health with personalized trainings, sounds and exercises.

Our holistic approach allows you to manage your anxiety and boost your calm. We utilize the best practices based on mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and neuropsychology – the proven behavioral health modification protocols supported by the U.S. health system.

AQ™ helps you strengthen your mind, like a muscle, through personalized trainings, sounds and exercises curated based on your diagnostic measures. No more guessing on what’s right for you. As your measures change, AQ™ dynamically adjusts your training regime to ensure it is always in sync with your evolving wellness and performance needs.

More on our advisers and teachers is here.


Wellness Monitor: Track Your Mental Health in Real-Time

Our clinical-grade Wellness Monitor uses the clinical definition of anxiety and calm. But instead of measuring your anxiety or calm at a single point of time, which is normally done at the doctor’s office, our monitor evaluates it continuously throughout your day using your continuous heart rate data from your Apple Watch.

AQ™ technology is backed by research from leading global scientists.

Attention Quotient: Metric to Quantify Your Mental Health

AQ™ measures your attention, the gateway trait for your overall mental wellness that impacts your performance, through a combination of heart rate readings and their individual variations to examine your:

1. Alpha state (when your eyes are closed),

2. Beta state (when your eyes are open),

3. Differences between the two states, and

4. Cognitive awareness of your somatic state.


Medical/Mindfulness Advisers

Dr. Robert Thurman

Sharon Salzberg

Dr. Peter Kinderman

Dr. Seema Desai


  • Q.
    Is the AQ™ app only available on the Apple platform?
    Yes, for now. We plan to launch AQ™ on Android platform in early 2024. Join our mailing list to stay tuned for all our latest updates here .
    Do I need to have a smartwatch to measure my AQ™?
    No. You can measure your AQ™ and access all of your personalized trainings on your iPhone. The Wellness Monitor feature of the app however requires an Apple Watch.
  • Q.
    Who owns the AQ™ metric?
    AQ™ is a proprietary metric developed by Mindwell Labs, Inc. The metric and its associated trademarks are exclusively owned by the company.
    Who is my AQ™ score compared to?
    Your AQ™ score is compared to everyone who has taken the test on our app. Our comparative user base currently includes people from over 100 countries, and growing! We are building the world’s first global psychology with AQ™ – with an objective, automated metric that updates in real-time and is free from human errors and biases.
  • Q.
    How is the Wellness Monitor different from the AQ™ test?
    The Wellness Monitor analyzes variations in your heart rate in real time via your Apple Watch. Think of it as a high-level, passive tracker that analyzes how you’re doing throughout your day. The AQ™ test takes a deeper dive into your biomarkers, and its results are used to create your personalized training path in order to improve your mental fitness. As an analogy, checking the Wellness Monitor is like a quick pulse check by your doctor to assess your current and immediate mental state, and the AQ™ test is like getting your detailed blood work done for a deeper and more accurate diagnosis of your mid- to long-term mental state.
    What should I do with the information I get from the Wellness Monitor?
    The Wellness Monitor provides you constant, ongoing insight into your mental health as you go on with your daily life. It is also a great tool to learn which of your activities make you anxious and which calm you down. Feel free to check it during, or before and after, an activity (e.g., meeting, commuting, meditation, etc.) to see the impact of that activity on your wellness. You do not have to do any analysis – we do all of that for you!
  • Q.
    How often should I be training?
    On a daily basis, if you’d like! Once you’ve completed a training, your next training in your personalized mental fitness training path will appear on the next day. All of our trainings are designed to be highly flexible. You can choose to spend as little or as much time as you’d like for each section. For example, you can dive deep into each exercise, or skip them and go straight to the meditation. If you get stuck, you can go back at any point to review the material. If that doesn’t help, you can always just start again.
    With that said, training the mind is like training the body. Repetition bears more fruit than sporadic bursts of intensity. Training an average of 3-4x a week is a great start to working out your mind.
    How is the AQ™ app’s meditations different from the meditations I’ve been doing on other platforms?
    We emphasize meditations that involve visualization. Visualization practices are scientifically proven to develop valuable cognitive skills and insights. They are at the heart of both creativity and mindful awareness. Check out a sample training here.
  • Q.
    Who can see the Training Forum?
    Forums are tied to each training and viewable only by those in that training. In other words, when you start a training, you’ll be able to view and post content within that training’s Forum.
    Who answers the questions on the Training Forum?
    The Training Forum is used for peer-to-peer discussions between users undergoing that training. If you have a specific question for us, please email us directly at
  • Q.
    How accurate is the data in the AQ™ app?
    All of our work is backed by existing research by top global scientists and research studies and clinical trials we have conducted over a decade-long period. The AQ™ app accesses your raw biomarker data as measured through your iPhone or by Apple Watch, which is then analyzed and synthesized using our proprietary framework in order to offer you insights about your mental fitness.
    What will Mindwell Labs do with my data?
    Mindwell Labs respects and protects your privacy. All of your data is completely safe with us. We never share it with third parties. More about our Privacy Policy can be found here.