Q. Is the AQ™ app only available on the Apple platform?

A.Yes, for now. We plan to launch AQ™ on other platforms (Android, Samsung, etc) some time in 2022. Join our mailing list to stay tuned for all our latest updates here .

Q. Do I need to have a smartwatch to measure my AQ™?

A.No. You can measure your AQ™ and access all of your personalized trainings on your iPhone. The Wellness Monitor feature of the app however requires an Apple Watch.

Q.Is the Wellness Monitor only compatible with the Apple Watch?

A.Currently, yes. However, we plan to integrate with other smartwatch platforms including Samsung Galaxy, FitBit, etc by late 2021 . Join our emailing list to stay tuned for all our latest updates here .

Q.What models of Apple Watch are supported by the AQ app?

A.Irrespective of your Apple Watch model, you need to be running watchOS 6.0 or later in order to use the AQ app.

Q.Who owns the AQ™ metric?

A.AQ™ is a proprietary metric developed by Mindwell Labs, Inc. The metric and its associated trademarks are exclusively owned by the company.

Q.Who is my AQ™ score compared to?

A.Your AQ™ score is compared to everyone who has taken the test on our app. Our comparative user base currently includes people from over 47 countries, and growing! We are building the world’s first global psychology with AQ™ – with an objective, automated metric that updates in real-time and is free from human errors and biases.

Q.Who answers the questions on the forum?

A.The Training Forum is used for peer-to-peer discussions between users undergoing that training. If you have a specific question for us, please email us directly at

Q.Do I have to post on the forum?

A.No. The forum is an optional tool for you to explore and discuss topics that may arise during your training. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you’d like!

Q.How should I use the Training Journal?

A.Use the Training Journal to complete each training’s Practice section, which includes written exercise questions. Similar to Forum, the Journal is tied to each training. It allows you to save your answers to training exercises within the context of that training in a centralized location within your app for your future reference and edits.

Q.Who can see my Journal, and do I have to use it?

A.Your Journal is completely private. None of its information is ever shared publicly with others. The Journal is an optional tool for you. We recommend that you take the time to journal down your experience with the trainings, digitally or on paper, so you can reflect upon your mental fitness journey.

Q.How accurate is the data in the AQ™ app?

A.All of our work is backed by research studies and specific clinical trials we have conducted over a decade-long period. The AQ™ app accesses your raw biomarker data as measured through your iPhone or by Apple Watch, which is then analyzed and synthesized using our proprietary framework in order to offer you insights about your mental fitness.

Q.What will Mindwell Labs do with my data?

A.Mindwell Labs respects and protects your privacy. All of your data is completely safe with us. We never share it with third parties. More about our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Q.What is the range of AQ™?

A.We expect the range of the AQ™ metric to be 40 to 160, though you can score as high as 200. 96% of the population will be between 70 and 130.
Much like IQ, the higher the score, the better. The accuracy of the measure will improve as the number of people who take the test increases.

Q.What if my AQ™ score is below 70?

A.Don’t sweat it! Just as you can exercise to increase your physical stamina, the trainings provided in the app will help improve your attentional stamina, your AQ™. Doing your favorite wellness activities on a consistent basis will also help improve your score.

Q.How often should I take the AQ™ test?

A.We recommend you take the AQ™ test an average of 1-2 times a week. But feel free to take it whenever you feel called to! Once you are comfortable with the test, try measuring your AQ™ before and after an activity to examine how it impacts your mental fitness.

Q.Is the Eyes Open – Eyes Closed task the best way to measure AQ™?

A.The Eyes Open-Eyes Closed experimental paradigm used to calculate AQ™ is one of the oldest and most common neurological procedures used to distinguish individual alpha and beta states. Alpha state occurs when your brain is conscious and relaxed, while beta state is while conscious and alert. This procedure was the initial experimental framework employed by Hans Berger in the founding study of electroencephalography (EEG). The AQ™ employs this test and adds the extra component of group analysis, providing you with an easy-to-understand score.
More in depth explanation of the science behind the AQ™ test coming on our blog in Jan 2021.

Q.How is the Wellness Monitor different from the AQ™ test?

A.The Wellness Monitor analyzes variations in your heart rate in real time via your Apple Watch. Think of it as a high-level, passive tracker that analyzes how you’re doing throughout your day. The AQ™ test takes a deeper dive into your biomarkers, and its results are used to create your personalized training path in order to improve your mental fitness. As an analogy, checking the Wellness Monitor is like a quick pulse check by your doctor to assess your current and immediate mental state, and the AQ™ test is like getting your detailed blood work done for a deeper and more accurate diagnosis of your mid- to long-term mental state.

Q.What should I do with the information I get from the Wellness Monitor?

A.The Wellness Monitor provides you constant, ongoing insight into your mental health as you go on with your daily life. It is also a great tool to learn which of your activities make you anxious and which calm you down. Feel free to check it during, or before and after, an activity (e.g., meeting, commuting, meditation, etc.) to see the impact of that activity on your wellness. You do not have to do any analysis – we do all of that for you!

Q.How will the Wellness Monitor help me?

A.On a daily basis, if we notice that you’ve been anxious for a period of time, we’ll send you a short training like a breathing exercise or a soundscape, to help you restore your mental balance. Alternatively, if we notice that you’ve been in the calm zone for a while, we’ll send you a short training like a story or a poem to help you tap into your creativity and strengthen your attention muscle.
Over time, we’ll send you reports on how you are trending on a daily and weekly basis to help you anticipate which days of the week are more stressful for you, and provide you with the mindfulness training necessary to optimize weekly mental health.

Q.How often should I be training?

A.On a daily basis, if you’d like! Once you’ve completed a training, your next training in your personalized mental fitness training path will appear on the next day. All of our trainings are designed to be highly flexible. You can choose to spend as little or as much time as you’d like for each section. For example, you can dive deep into each exercise, or skip them and go straight to the meditation. If you get stuck, you can go back at any point to review the material. If that doesn’t help, you can always just start again.
With that said, training the mind is like training the body. Repetition bears more fruit than sporadic bursts of intensity. Training an average of 3-4x a week is a great start to working out your mind.

Q.How is the AQ™ app’s meditations different from the meditations I’ve been doing on other platforms?

A.We emphasize meditations that involve visualization. Visualization practices are scientifically proven to develop valuable cognitive skills and insights. They are at the heart of both creativity and mindful awareness. Check out a sample training here.

Q.How is my personalized training curated?

A.Based on your last AQ™ score. Using our proprietary algorithms, we analyze the combination of your 5Q scores and give you training based on the areas in need of improvement.
For example, if your Anxiety and Rest scores are low, your training will be focused on helping you sleep better. Alternatively, if your Anxiety and Somatics scores are low, your training will be focused on tapping into your bodily sensations.

Q.Can I provide feedback so AQ™ can curate better trainings for me?

A.Yes, we’d love to hear from you! There is a User Feedback section at the end of each training for you to provide feedback.

Q.Who can see the Training Forum?

A.Forums are tied to each training and viewable only by those in that training. In other words, when you start a training, you’ll be able to view and post content within that training’s Forum.