Attention Quotient Science


“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” – William Blake

Ever wondered if your routine is having a positive or negative impact on your mental wellbeing? With AQ’s Experiment feature, you can use the AQ™ test to get a quantitative analysis of how your mental state changes after watching sunrise, a work call, or a nice soak in the tub.

It’s time to make informed choices. Head to the AQ app and select “Before & After” when you want to experiment, and you’ll get a clear picture of which habits are boosting your mental wellness, and which habits, well, aren’t.

Experiment serves as a method to know what is specifically happening to you. Each person is different. A song that relaxes one person may trigger another. Perhaps one glass of wine is what you need to unwind after work, but maybe not two. Working with a therapist who is trained in a particular style of psychotherapy may think a certain approach is what you need, but how do you actually measure what is beneficial to you? By experimenting in AQ, you’ll have the tools and framework you need to understand how specific people, places, or things can impact your mental state. In a way, you can now become your own psychologist!   

You can even run group experiments and invite others to understand how their mental states change while interacting. For example, you and your family can take AQ tests before and after family game night, we know how hyped and excited some of you can be when it comes to healthy competition. Similarly, this could be an interesting tool for team-building in work and school settings. A deeper understanding of your team’s AQ can make collaborations more seamless and effective.

The key to becoming the most productive and creative version of yourself is understanding how your body works and what disrupts, encourages, or stresses you. Keep experimenting to investigate yourself.

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