Attention Quotient Science

About Our Wellness Monitor

Our Wellness Monitor is a 24/7 real-time tool that provides insight into both your current and recent states of mind. It lets you know when you are anxious, calm, or neutral. It provides you with metrics over time so you can understand when certain things in your environment are making you feel a certain way. 

The three categories the Wellness Monitor calculates are:

  1. Neutral – baseline state of mind
    • your baseline heart rate is established during the first 24 hours of using the monitor
  2. Calm – relaxed, and/or focused state of mind
    • 10% drop in baseline heart rate
  3. Anxious – unease, and/or nervousness state of mind
    • 20% rise in baseline heart rate

These categories are calculated from your heart rate and its variability over specific time thresholds. These interpretations come from standard definitions that research psychiatrists may utilize in a clinical setting. While a psychiatric evaluation may give you a single reading during an office visit, the AQ™ app provides a reading over a continuous rolling period.

How to read the Wellness Monitor:

The monitor provides insights in an easy-to-read infographic. The main dashboard allows you to see how you measured in the past 7 days. Once you click the calendar view, you’re able to see your % breakdown cumulatively or by hours. 

What to do with the information?

While we encourage you to check the monitor daily, don’t get too hung up on over-analyzing the data! Expect a certain amount of anxiety during the day, this is part of life. What’s more important is to notice general patterns over longer periods of time. For example, if you notice that you are consistently more anxious Sunday nights because you are anticipating the week ahead, try adding some self-care routines (meditation, taking a bath, journaling, etc.) throughout the day to help bring your anxiety level down. 

How does the Wellness Monitor help with my Anxiety?

Our team of experts has created a library of 2 and 8 minutes long wellness breaks called Rest Recess sent directly to you when you have been anxious for a period of time. The 2-minute Recesses are bite-sized soundscapes meant to pause your current anxiety reaction. The 8-minute Recesses utilize the same content but extend the experience long enough that your brain can entrain to a new, calmer state of being. Rest Recess includes a variety of harmonic and natural soundscapes, musical interludes, and guided breathing exercises.

How does the Wellness Monitor help boost creativity?

We believe when you are in the neutral or calm state, our wellness breaks called Creative Boost can elevate you to a higher level of focus and creativity. These are also 2 and 8 minutes long, sent directly to you, or access anytime on-demand under the Train tab. Expect uplifting soundscapes, music interludes, poems, and story stories to get your juice flowing!

For more information about the benefits of an eight-minute break, click here.

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